Maternal Passages

"My first birth was fairly difficult and I had a lot of fears going into this one. Dove checked in frequently prior to my birth which made me feel incredibly supported. She has a strong knowledge base and provided me with educational resources specific to my birth. She has a wonderful ability to read people and sense their emotions. I found her often reassuring me even though I hadn't verbally expressed any concern. She was professional and respectful with the hospital staff and very skilled at asking them to clarify procedures and things they were doing. Both my husband and I felt she played a critical role in helping me through this birth." 2/23/2016
"During my labor, your presence centered me. Your words and actions kept me focused on my baby's birth.  You calmed my husband when he tensed up, which in turn, allowed him to continue supporting me." 3/17/2016
"My labor was incredibly challenging but I wouldn't change any of it. You were a huge part of that and I can't thank you enough." 8/30/2013

From a dad: "Dove, you made the whole process so much easier for both of us, being the helping hand that is so nice to have and giving us the sense of peace that we weren't alone through any of it." 7/13/2011

"Hello Dove!  I just had to send this picture to you. It's one of my favorites from the birth! I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have you there with us. So many people commented on how much better I did from the moment you arrived! ...I have such happy memories of my pregnancy and birth and you were a huge helping hand in that. I will always be so grateful. " 10/8/2014
"Thank you again for your wonderful assistance to us during my labor. Words can't express how invaluable your being there was. I am so grateful that you are a part of my daughter's birth story." 3/19/2014
From a Mom who had to transfer part way through her labor from a Birthing Center to the Hospital:
"Thank you for hanging out with me during the delivery process. Before I gave birth, I daydreamed about the insane idea of going at it alone. I'm happy it happened the way it did though because my serendipity (the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way) brought me to you." 11/28/2013

"I've thought of you a million times over the past almost two years. Thank you millions  for being our awesome doula. You were so amazing. I never really said thank you properly & you deserve at metal! " 2/3/2014

 From a dad: "Your kind and indefatigable service at the birth of our son will not be forgotten." 10/25/2012

From a Teen Mom: "You were my angel when I was in labor. It felt good to have you there.  You are a very relaxing person to be around." 1/5/2010

From a midwife: "Dove is a very calming presence in the room to both client and partner."

From Marilyn Buck, Doula Coordinator/Trainer at Cheshire Medical Center:

"Dove has always been one of our very best doulas!  She is caring, knowledgeable, calm and a reassuring presence in a labor room.  Mothers and our staff love her!"
From Felicia Robinson, prior Director of Nursing in the Women and Children's Health Unit, after the 18th birth I attended on 1/14/2012

"Dear Dove, I wanted to let you know how much your presence and skill as a doula was (and is) appreciated. You gave of yourself and were in tune with what was needed during a very difficult labor and birth a few weeks ago. Never doubt for a moment how important you were to this mom, her family and the nurses and midwife. Thank you!"